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We built eyeHear with a simple mission: to ensure that everyone, especially our friends who are deaf or hard of hearing, can participate in every conversation.

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"My MIL’s father is 92 and totally deaf but sharp as a tack. He loves to converse with the family and learn about his (very large) family's lives - grandkids and great-grandkids, etc. Being the 'tech guy' in the family, I've tried various apps, but eyeHear has been transformative for us. Out of the blue, I received a heartfelt note from my MIL expressing her gratitude, even though we hadn’t spoken in over 2 months. But the real thanks should go to the team behind eyeHear. Granddad is currently in the hospital, and even the doctors are grateful for the ease of communication this app provides. It's a wonderful, simple, and perfectly tailored tool. An exemplary product that truly understands its users' needs. A big THANK YOU to the eyeHear team!"

EyeHear! Here! Here! I’ve tried several apps for the deaf or HOH. I Just had my left ear implanted, my right one has been a few years, so I’m 100% deaf now, so no residual hearing. Of the apps I tried so I could go see a dr alone or fill out papers while someone gave me instructions (HaHa), all the apps I tried were not worth the time of day. Then a person in the Med El group I’m i, mentioned the EyeHear app, saying he was so happy with it. THIS APP IS AWESOME!! That’s all I need to say. It is so easy to use and while occasional mistakes occur, they are FEW and FAR between and likely due to the speakers speech pattern or enunciation. THANK YOU FOR THIS APP! Many Blessings upon you!

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